Women in power- Mary Beard

Oh WE the women, make some time in your lives to read or listen to this from Mary Beard about women in power


Mary Beard is a classicist scholar with a drole sense of humor. heard her recently talking about herself and it was ironic how she downplayed her own power and position – we just can’t help ourselves!

 Seriously though I think its the masculine version of ‘power’ which is anathema to many/most/some women . If we embrace that version of power we are then subject to accusations of being non-women i.e. not quite men but not female either, and of course if we don’t embrace that masculine version of power we cannot be leaders or hold a position of authority. 

 a nice double whammy for us. and yet if women had stood by their own version of themselves on entering and acting in the workplace, they would have embedded a very different power which would have been acceptable, nay beneficial to how organizations worked. 

Changing the organizational culture and & bringing into the workplace the tremendous power of #WEtheWomen



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