Carnations from Ann Hart


Big pink button

👛WE women can create a network to support each and all. Call it the ‘big pink button’ (BPB) 👛

👛 To press when life tumbles or for company, or …… For any time when you want that human solace that you cannot articulate. 👛

👛There are those who are available @ those times, but you don’t know who is . So the BPB gets pressed to alert anyone anywhere who can be there for you.👛 

👛A real life support system – a virtual 24/7 global network 👛


Women in power- Mary Beard

Oh WE the women, make some time in your lives to read or listen to this from Mary Beard about women in power

Mary Beard is a classicist scholar with a drole sense of humor. heard her recently talking about herself and it was ironic how she downplayed her own power and position – we just can’t help ourselves!

 Seriously though I think its the masculine version of ‘power’ which is anathema to many/most/some women . If we embrace that version of power we are then subject to accusations of being non-women i.e. not quite men but not female either, and of course if we don’t embrace that masculine version of power we cannot be leaders or hold a position of authority. 

 a nice double whammy for us. and yet if women had stood by their own version of themselves on entering and acting in the workplace, they would have embedded a very different power which would have been acceptable, nay beneficial to how organizations worked. 

Changing the organizational culture and & bringing into the workplace the tremendous power of #WEtheWomen


Currently known as meetings, those gatherings ostensibly to organise business life. Now cast your eye around the room, and behold you will see these are in reality ‘mentings’. 

From he who sits @ the top of the table, and holds the position as head. To the men who are in the majority around that same location. Now take another observation & see these are males of a ‘certain age’. Who are now advantaged by their youth & gender x 2. 

Menting in progress

Meeting of men = Mentings

 Methinks there is a phenomenon of the ‘Young Mens Network’ (YMN) busily at work. Restricting the pipeline of millennial women, the ‘mentings’ & the YMN will ultimately contribute to organisational  FEMICIDE. 

Linzij 2017

WE women as every woman 

WE the women need not be diced & sliced by others who attempt to classify us. 

WE are not women in arts or business, or chemistry or engineering or to the very end of that alphabet. 

Defining is a form of femicide that renders our whole eroded. 

See the whole

Only a part of me

Nor are WE women, employees or entrepreneurs or mothers or workers. 

Indeed I, this woman, was once some of these & could potentially be all. 

By all that is justice, let us remain unclassifiable.